Natural Therapeutic Balancing

NATURAL THERAPEUTIC BALANCING by JUDI J. BYERS. Traditional medicine is an “asymptomatic” form of treatment. It takes the physical symptoms and either treats or rather hides them with drugs, until the body has had time to heal itself. The success of this treatment is tied directly to the patients belief that the drugs will work.

We actually see only a small part of the three dimensional human body that lives in this three dimensional world. If it is not in balance physically, mentally and spiritually, it will suffer from dis-ease. Traditional medicine has attempted to change that triangle to physical, mental and chemical, disregarding the spiritual side altogether.

Treatment that starts in the physical and works toward the spiritual is like trying to push a rope up a hill. Traditional religion has taught us that we do not deserve to be healed. That we are being punished for something we have done. Acceptance of this unworthiness is the reason that science gives for over 80% of all illnesses being psychosomatic (in the mind) in origin.

To be healthy is more than just lack of disease. It is allowing the life energies to radiate through our own energy systems with the least amount of resistance.

Natural Therapeutic Balancing (NTB), is a unique combination of many different formal styles of therapy plus many of my own, working directly with the body’s energy, as well as the physical body itself. After years of trial and error, Judi developed a technique that is easy to learn and easier to use. Starting with some of the techniques from Therapeutic Touch, adding energy and chakra balancing, Polarity, Touch for Health, SHEN, Healing Touch, Quantum Touch, Reiki, Shiatsa and Trigger Point Therapy, Judi created a simple, yet effective style called NTB. In just a few hours of class time, you will obtain enough information, along with practical application, that you should have no difficulty continuing on to develop a style that works for you.

Health is more that just the lack of disease. To be healthy, is to have both feet on the ground, letting the life energies radiate through our own energy systems with the least amount of resistance. It is the ability to consciously channel this source positively in our co-creation of the world. It is the projection of our inner truths.

Health is relative; each time we reach harmony or integration on one level, we are soon introduced into a higher context in which we seek a new and more comprehensive balance. It is a dynamic process leading us far beyond our present concept of evolution.

Natural Therapeutic Touch for Animals was founded in 1987 by Judi J. Byers. In today’s world where alternative/complementary medicine is fast becoming accepted for humans, we felt the same opportunities should be awarded to our animal friends and companions. Thus NTBA was born. Judi has taught a similar class for humans for over 20 years, but with so many others offering help in that area, this course was created for both, the lay person and the professional equally, too help animals in need. The techniques are easy to learn and even easier to use. The course is broken into three areas; Intuition, Physical work, and Energy work.

From : Animal Newsletter May/June 2006