How to pick a Communicator

1. What does their website tell you?

  • Does it give you the basic information and then tell you email or call them for more information. (Some communicator like to find out if you will be a right fit for them so they list the minimal information so that they can find out what you are looking for and if they fit the bill)
  • Does it list price and how they work?
  • Does it give testimonials? (remember that most people will only list the good testaments and none of the bad, so they may not mean anything)
  • Are the testimonials all one or two liners or do they go into detail why the client appreciated the communicator.
  • 2.What services do they offer?

  • Do they only offer communications by email, phone or both?
  • Will they do in person communications? How far will they travel? (some communicators will travel locally only,while others will travel across country)
  • Do they offer remote healing, helping find a lost animals (some communicators do not offer these services)
  • Do they offer a trial communication? ( some communicators will but other won’t, this will not determine if they are good or not)
  • Will they be available when you have an emergency? (this is import if you looking for a lost animal or have health issues)
  • 3. How will you be able to contact the communicator in case of emergency?

  • Are they available by email, phone, or both?
  • Do they act like they care about you and your animals? ( any good communicator will care what happens with both you and your animal, and not the fee)
  • Do they go above and beyond for you and your animal?



  • Price is not always a good way to tell a great communicator. Some communicators try to keep their prices low because they want everyone to be able to use them, while others may have higher prices because they want to control their time. Price is only one factor when it comes to picking out a communicator.  
  • A good communicator for you is one that you can have a relationship with. You are trusting this person help you better understand you furry friend, and what they are telling you is the truth. They may not always be 100% right but they need to be accurate as possible.
  • You must be able to trust the communicator/healer

  • You must feel that they have you and your animals best interest at heart

  • If you do not feel comfortable with the communicator that you choose, then try to find another one. We try to find the best on this site, so there should be someone that fit you. One communicator may not fit you but another one might. Do not stay with one because they have good rating but they do not work well with you.

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