Code of Conduct

Judi loved her clients and the animals that she helped. She was disappointed when she had to cut back her hours because of medical reasons, but always available even then if a client really needed her. She never had a written code but this is just how she lived and believed. We are now going to put it in writing for all to see.

1. Always care about the client and their animal. If if the animal or client frustrate you, you should care how they are feeling and try to help.

2. Be available in an emergency. A client has a right know that if their animal is ready to cross or is lost that you will be their to hold their hand (figure speaking) and help through the tough times.

3. Love what you do. If you do not love what you do, you will not be helping anyone, especially you. Always in life make sure that you love what you do.

4. Respect everyone, human or animal alike. Everyone has different personality, embrace that and work with that. You can only change yourself not anyone else.

5. Be helpful not hurtful. Never say or do anything that will be hurtful for the client or their animals.

” Always be fulfilled by what you do and never ask is there more”

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