Thank you from the Family

The Byers Family wants to thank each and everyone for their kindness and support during this transitional time in our lives. We want you know that you gave us great comfort with all the calls emails, letters, cards, and flowers that were given to our family. We are grateful for everyone that was able to attend the memorial service and for everyone that wasn’t but was there in sprit.

We are glad to know as a family how much Judi meant to each and everyone of you and that give great comfort. Thank you again for your love and support.

Please do our family a favor, tell everyone that you love how you feel, as you may not get a chance tomorrow. Always say a kind word, instead of a mean one and always laugh even when you feel like you are going to cry, because tomorrow will always be better then yesterday and that love will always be better than hate.

Thank you,

The Byers Family

Frank ,Brandi ,Paul and Cynthia, Nathan, Samantha, William, and Toby

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