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Since early childhood Judi has always collected a menagerie of injured and homeless animals. Her family consisted of parents, two sisters, a grandfather and at least one "house dog and house cat" and several others, which resided outside. It drove her mother a little crazy when Judi would "drag" in another stray. She complained that people from the small town nearby knew if they "dumped" their animals anywhere near the house, that Judi would rescue them; and, of course, most of them were in the "family way". When she was about ten her father complained one day, "J, I have tried to be understanding, but we now have 17 cats in the barn and I think you are over your limit".Headshot

Having two older sisters, that at various times in their childhood, preferred not to have a pesky little sister around, Judi spent a lot of time entertaining herself alone and outside with the animals. In some of her earliest memories, she would happily mix all kind of weeds (herbs) in cans of water, leaving them to "steep" in the sun, for various periods of time. Although, she is pretty sure she never actually "treated" any of the "real" animals with the special brews, she did treat a multitude of imaginary ones.
This does not mean that she did not "treat" the real animals; she just did not attempt to force her many brews upon them. Even as a very small child, Judi remembers seeing lights around animals and people alike. She somehow knew when an animal’s light would dim, she could gently lay her hands on their little bodies and their light would either, grow strong again, or they would leave their worn out or injured bodies and pass on to the other side. She was born with an uncanny ability to know what to do when an animal was in trouble. One time their puppies were chewing on small steak bones and one of the puppies swallow his whole and was choking. While her sister became hysterical Judi stuck her fingers down its throat and extracted the bone.

Judi loved being with animals and was never afraid of them, as they never seemed to fear her. Even those that were obviously in great pain would lie quietly while she placed her hands on them. At an early age she found that it was easier for her to communicate with animals as they did not lie and were much nicer than most humans. They never asked for anything, but unconditionally gave love and willingly accepted any love in return, no matter what the form. She found people to be very confusing and consequently preferred to be with the animals as much as possible. bear

Judi came into this life with her memory banks wide open. She had vivid recall of previous lives, saw auras and could not tell the difference between the people that were in physical bodies and those that were operating on other planes and played with friends that no one else could see or hear. She was born on the last day of 1944, and needless to say the people in rural Oklahoma were not prepared for someone like her. She had an unbelievable mother who totally accepted her, often telling others that she was "special". After hearing her mother repeat this hundreds of times, to explain to Judi’s sisters, when they complained that their mother treated her differently and that she got away with much more than they. "You don’t understand J is different." Like most children she did not want to be different! In her young mind that meant that she was "crazy". Her sisters often teased her about the things that she said she saw and she was often accused of making up stories or just plain lying (which certainly was not beyond her to do). By the time Judi was in the first grade; she had completely shut down all psychic abilities. She refused to see the lights, talk about any memories and pretended that the out of body people were not really there, until her conscious mind finally refused to recognize these things. Instead she turned to her creative abilities and spent many hours drawing animals. She also loved to sing and started taking singing lessons as well as learned how to play the piano.

This is not a course of action that she would ever recommend others to pursue, as this caused the psychic energy to be channeled into the physical, and matured rapidly. Emotional problems began to show up and she even started her menstrual periods by the summer after her third grade year. She had her full height of 5’4" by the end of the fifth grade year and ended elementary school (sixth grade) the tallest girl in her class.

Judi and her middle sister Pat did not get along well when they were in high school and Judi was sure she was going to be very happy when Pat graduated and the bedroom was finally hers alone. But instead, she felt even more alone than she had as a child and the old problems began to return. By the middle of her sophomore year the fears, nightmares, feelings of being ugly and unloved surfaced and the old psychic abilities began to reappear. Each time she attempted to shut them down, the energies would again revert to the physical and she would have nor only emotional problems but now a weight problem.

Graduating from high school was the happiest day of her young life and she was sure that things would be different now as she would no longer have to pretend to be someone she was not. The problem was – who was she and where did she fit in? Life goes on and after several more years of school, the acquisition of a husband and two children, Judi discovered that although she loved music and loved teaching, she just could not stand the kids. She spent nine years as a Minister of Music in the Nazarene Church. Her chosen profession as a professional singer had not materialized and she prayed constantly for guidance. It was then that she was led into the medical profession, and worked as a nurse for 10 years. While working for 5 interns (each had a different specialty) at the Oklahoma State University, Tulsa Medical College in the Private Practice Unit, she was trained as a hypnotist. One of the doctors used hypnosis in his practice for habit control and it was her job to get the patient into a state of hypnosis and then back to a "normal" state after doctor was through. She became fascinated with the possibilities that hypnosis had to offer and became certified as a Professional Hypnotherapist.

As part of her training at the Reach Foundation, she was taught how to use hypnosis for pain control. Judi was ecstatic that she had discovered a drug free technique and was terribly dismayed when the doctors at the practice were horrified that she could even suggest using hypnosis to control pain in cancer and arthritic patients. That was safe for habit control only! The thought of using hypnosis for actual healing was totally beyond their comprehension. Again it appeared she was just way before her time (as usual).

At the Reach Foundation, there were miraculous healings taking place. Judi worked with an absentee healing group for over two years. Curtis Reeves, the founder of the Reach Foundation, always worked, as the "control" and only he knew the client’s ailment, name, age, or address, prior to the treatments. They always "traveled" in pairs so they could compare what they experienced. He was in contact with the clients and the healers were given weekly updates on the client’s condition, only. She never ceased to be amazed at the results that were obtained.

During this time period she also took up oil painting and loved painting various Indians (Native Americans) on leather. For a while she concentrated on her art and sold many of these unique paintings. Frank made unusual and unique frames to match the theme of the paintings. Being a one-of-a-kind painter became a problem when people wanted her to become Xerox and reproduce the exact painting – which she never could – it all depended upon her mood that day. So she quit selling to the public and went back to painting and giving them away to her family.

It was only natural that seeing these results, that she became "disenchanted" with the medical profession and it’s specialists and just before her 35th birthday, she walked out of nursing and turned her back (as well as her credentials) on the organized medical world altogether. Instead, she turned to alternative methods and the search for anything that might replace the use of drugs and narrow-minded doctors!
By this time, most of her childhood knowledge about the body’s energies had become a distant and fuzzy memory. She was totally indoctrinated by the asymptomatic chemical treatment of modern day medicine. Over the next two years Judi became a "certification workshop-a-holic". If you could get a certification in it, she was there. The first actual "healing" class she attended, the instructor showed several techniques and things to do with their hands and talked a lot about energy flow, reversing energy, multiple bodies and etc. The instructor swore Judi was a natural as somehow she knew exactly what to do. It seemed she had finally found her place. From that day on she was hooked! She became certified in Touch for Health, Silva Mind Control, Energy and Chakra Balancing, Polarity, Trigger Point Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Shiatsu, Pain Erasure Massage, SHEN and Reiki to name but a few.

The problem soon arose that Judi discovered that most of these classes were taught by purist or absolutists. In other words, their choice was the only true modality. In hypnosis, she had been taught many different techniques as not everyone is not the same, not everyone responds to the same technique. She soon learned that also applied to other healing modalities. Through trial and error she discovered that none of the techniques worked every time or on every patient. Most instructors’ answer for this was that the patient was just not ready to receive, and there was nothing you could do about it. You had done exactly what you were supposed to do. It was then up to the patient to receive or deny it.

Judi often states that one of the greatest ideas that she ever learned from Curtis Reeves was "you cannot take someone where you have never been and get safe results". His healing group traveled on many different levels of consciousness, and some were awesome. She could certainly understand how the unskilled or improperly trained person could get into trouble. In her own practice (the Phoenix Experience) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, she would often pick up "casualty" cases from therapists (many were M.D.’s) that had no idea where their client had gone and even more critical, no idea what to do with them while they were there, so they just "woke" them up and sent them out with an open Pandora’s Box. Because of this, Judi developed her own methodology Natural Therapeutic Balancing and also began teaching a certification course for NTB as well certification as a Hypnotherapist. In the early 80’s she traveled with New Thought Seminars throughout the Midwest holding workshops in Past Life Regression, Numerology, Lazy Man’s Way to Making A’s, and Metaphysics 101 to name but a few. She also taught Hypnosis through the Praxis Project, a free university in Tulsa.

Judi’s husband Frank, a mechanical contractor for 21 years, was left without employment when the oil industry crashed in 1985. Almost a year later, he was transferred to Aiken, SC. In 1986, Judi quit her job as the Assistant Director of Student Activities and Student Center Manager at the University of Tulsa, and joined Frank in SC. She reopened the Phoenix Experience that winter. Most of her classes were on energy balancing and utilizing crystals and stones in healing. Since she had always had a love of "rocks" and the "crystal craze" was full blown, Judi would often make trips to the crystal mines in Arkansas on her way to Oklahoma while son Paul was in college at Oklahoma State University. Many of her clients wished to wear their stones, thus a jewelry business was born.

In 1987, Judi and a friend studied wire wrap in Wm. Holland Institute. She taught Frank to wire wrap and they both returned to Wm. Holland in 1993 where Frank studied silver smiting and Judi helped teach a class in advanced wirewrap techniques. For several years their jewelry was offered through the workshops, seminars and Gem and Mineral Shows. Frank was working rotating shifts and Judi was the administrator in a large OB/GYN practice.

She became a popular speaker at the Aiken Psychic Group as well Spiritual Frontiers in Columbia, SC. About this time the Holistic Nurses Association started holding classes in Healing Touch in the area and there were many people trained to help humans, but there seemed no one was helping the animals. Judi had opened a metaphysical bookstore in Augusta, Georgia and found her practice was including more and more animals. After closing the store in January 2001, Judi opened Healing Hands Alternative Animal Care. While working with the animals, she found her communication skills were returning and she then opened a companion business, Animal Echoes.

Diane&IJudi  is a Reiki Master, certified in Touch for Health, Therapeutic Touch, Polarity, Energy Balancing, Shiatsu, Trigger Point Therapy, SHEN, Canine massage just to mention a few. Judi is a Certified Hypnotherapist, a medical intuitive, created and teaches Natural Therapeutic Balancing (NTB) Certification for humans and for animals (NTBA).   She has studied Tellington-Touch, Komitor Healing Touch for Animals and for humans, and Bach Flower Remedies. She traveled with New Thought Seminars throughout the mid-west for several years. She works with several animal rescue groups and is well known worldwide for both her teaching and healing skills as her many testimonials attest. Judi shares those skills with others in classes, workshops and telecommunication classes. Click here for information on these classes.  “Learning to Listen an Interspecies Communication Certification Course”, “NTBA (Natural Therapeutic Balancing for Animals) Certification Course”, “NTB for Humans” and the “Hypnotherapist Certification Course”.

Judi is listed on many web sites for her communication and locating of lost animals skills. She was featured in nationally syndicated First Magazine for her healing work, The Star-Ledger in New Jersey for locating a lost dog as well as helping the police in Orange County, NJ in locating missing persons. She has been featured on several talk-radio shows including “Ask the Experts”, The Pawz Cauze, and Star-94 Radio in Atlanta, GA.star94


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