Preparing Pets for Emergencies


Things to remember:

  1. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS BEHIND!!!! Your pets cannot survive alone and if they do you may never find them or get them back.
  2. Public shelters may not take pets so make sure that you have some alternatives that will work for you and your pet.
  3. Have a backup plan for your pet in case you cannot take care yourself.


  1.  Find shelter – most public shelters will not take pets but know which hotels in your area will take pets and also have numbers for the your local pet shelter, they may be able to help you find shelter for you and your pet.
  2. Make sure you take plenty of food, water, medications, a vet record, and other items for your pet.  If you are taking can food make sure you have a can opener? Cats may need kitty litter and tray.  You may also want to have a first aid kit, in case you need one and cannot find one.
  3. Make sure your pet has up to date id tags on their collar. A microchip or tattoo may not work in identify your pet in an emergency.
  4. Have a current photo of your pet in case you get separated.
  5. Have a carrier, leash and collar for your pet, in case they get panicky they cannot escape from you
  6. Separate dogs and cats. Even if your dogs and cats normally get along, the anxiety of an emergency situation can cause pets to act irrationally. Keep small pets away from cats and dogs.
  7. Please note that your pet’s behavior may change after a disaster. Normally quiet or friendly pets may become aggressive or defensive. Watch them closely, make sure your pet is always leashed or in a fenced yard with access to shelter and water.


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