Non-invasive Way to treat chronic Pain

Sound Waves

High-energy sound wave technology – generates sound waves outside of the body,
offering a noninvasive treatment option for dogs experiencing lameness and
pain. The high-energy sound waves – also called pulses or shock waves – travel
through soft tissue at customized depths, reaching a specific treatment area
and triggering the body’s own repair system. In comparison to ultrasound or
lasers, shock waves result in a higher energy output and deeper penetration and
have been proven to cut healing time, improve mobility, and relieve pain with
1-3 treatments.

Shock wave can be used as an alternative to surgery, instead of increased
NSAID’s or a part of a rehab program. It is beneficial for the following
applications in dogs:

· Osteoarthritis (6-12 month improvement and reduced NSAID use)

· Joint Injuries (Hips, elbows and shoulders)

· Chronic back pain/LS disease (90% success rates)

· Non-union or delayed-healing bone fractures

· Tendon/Ligament Injuries

· Chronic Wounds (lick granulomas healed with 2 treatments)

Easy to use

An average treatment is relatively fast and easy, typically 5-10 minutes total.
Because we are dealing with sound energy and penetration is deep, the dog will
need a short acting, reversible sedation. This is necessary to ensure optimal
comfort.  Preparation of the treatment area is minimal and requires
clipping of the dog’s fur to ensure sound transmission. A conductive gel should
be used with the shock wave applicator (trode) and should be moved in a
continuous, level movement over the region of interest and the surrounding

Only certain veterinarians have this, here is a link:

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