Anxiety Solutions

Does your dog or cat have anxiety?

Well consider this:

Nearly 40% of pet owners say they have
one or more pets that experience anxiety.

70% say their pet’s anxiety occurs fairly
often to frequently

Here are some of the signs:

• Panting
• Trembling
• Hyper salivation
• Whining
• Flight
• Clinging to Owner
• Whimpering
• Hiding
• Destructiveness
• Inappropriate
• Excessive vocalization

Here are some of the common causes:

Fear of noises
(Thunderstorms, fireworks, vacuum)
• Fear of people
• Episodic Fear
(Grooming, car travel, veterinary visits)
• Anxiety or stress related to changes in your
pet’s situation or environment (New baby, new
pet, moving, divorce, death in the family)
• Fear of other animals

What can you do?

L-theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in green tea.

I have discussed using it in the past, but now it appears one of the drug companies has
‘discovered’ it, and is marketing it to veterinarians under the brand name: ANXITANE

You can get it through your veterinarian, or at a natural health store

Here are the doses: 25mg per 10lbs daily. The company makes 2 tablets, one is 50mg given to pets up to 22lbs, and the other is 100mg given to pets over 22lbs

Should you use it?

If anxiety symptoms are impacting you and your pet’s life, then I suggest a 60 day trial.

It really is safe, an there are No known side effects.



I am going to try to start posting more information throughout the next year. This year my intentions were good but life got away from me. My father in law got married this year, my kids joined their Marital Art Performance team and they have kept me very busy. I started working and my husband started working for a new company. I top of all that I also home school my kids, so my children keep me very busy all day every day. So starting in January, I am going to try to post content on the website once a week, I promise it will be at least twice a week.  I am going to take a couple of weeks off for the holidays and then get back into the swing of things.

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I want everyone to have a GREAT Holiday!  Hold you love ones close this holiday season. I have seen in the last week how precious life can be and I know that hug my husband a little tighter and my kids even tighter. I am sending big old hug out each and every one of readers.


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