Benny, beautiful reddish Golden has been missing for 9 weeks now

Benny, beautiful reddish Golden has been missing for 9 weeks now in the Lee/Barrington rural areas of New Hampshire. Benny could use waves of Love to help him come out of hiding and be seen.


Someone tried to steal Benny right off his own property, so the initial events were traumatic. He escaped but the incident really scared him and has kept him in hiding as well as survival mode for weeks now. Survival mode puts an animal in …a more feral state of mind, one where they wouldn’t even recognize their owners after this amount of time. He has also had weather and wild animals to fend off, coyotes. One recent sighting that was Benny, but when anyone nears an area he may be hiding he changes wooded locations, making tracking or setting up any kind of trap difficult. I’m asking all my healer friends or anyone who cares to join me to please send this boy mega tons of love & healing to help spark more sighting and get this boy safely back to his family, while I continue to try to pull rabbits out of my hat to try and pin down his running route. We’ve done this before as a group effort, and it worked, I know his family would be most grateful. Hug your pets, thank you, thank you, thank you ! ♥ ♥ ♥

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