Healing Gems for your Pets

Amber: Generally healing on all levels, dispels negative energy, calming, kidney and bladder issues


Amethyst: Pain relief, separation anxiety, grief, allaying fears

Blue lace agate: Calming, cooling and soothing, good for overly vocal or heated animals


Citrine: Good for overwhelming, boost immune systems and good for kidney/bladder conditions

Clear Quartz Crystal: Cleanses, purifies, rejuvenates, system, good for inflammation

Flouorite: Natural gait balancer and detoxifier helps with nutrient assimilation

Hematite: A fabulous grounding stone, boost vitality, works with the blood


Malachite: helps eliminate compulsive patterns, THIS STONE IS TOXIC SO DO NOT LET YOUR PET LICK OR MOUTH IT AT ALL.


Using Crystals with your pets

1. Place the stone somewhere within your pet’s energy field. Just be careful as not let them put it is there mouth or swallow it as it may need surgery to be removed and then it would defeat the healing process.

2. You can affix them to their collar or zip them on to their bedding.

3. You can massage your pet with the stone

4. You can layout crystals when the animal is stationary.

5. Crystals can be programmed for specific uses, all you have to have is the intention and ask for help and watch them work.

6. Some crystals are toxic, so do not let you pet lick or mouth these stones. Some examples are: malachite, cinnabar and peacock ore.

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