Lost Animals Found – Case 2

I received the following frantic email from a client/AC student in Oklahoma City area.”

Bazz and Takki left home at about 1 pm this afternoon (Sunday), when the front door blew open.

While I was going out to look for Takki at about 8:15 pm, Guy and Keoke pushed past me and went missing — both of them, and still wearing their belly bands. They were out of sight by the time I got my car keys to go get them, and I had no luck driving around and looking They were all 3 seen near Randel Road and NW 63rd St, and I followed the policeman as he responded to the call, but they were gone by the time we got there. Takki showed up at home at a little after 9 pm. At about 1:15, I got a call that my dog had been found — turned out to be Guy,but no Keoke. He was 3 miles from home, at 6001 Smith Blvd, Oklahoma City 73112, near Integris Hospital (and very near the NW Expressway.)

Laurie, the Chesapeake security person saw a brown and white Siberian heading toward the creek in the Chesapeake “campus” near N. Western and Grand Blvd. Since Takki, Keoke’s brother, was missing yesterday until about 9 pm, it could have been either Takki or Keoke And also about 4 pm a woman saw a Siberian, wearing a brown belly-band, on North Pennsylvania at roughly the boundary between Nichols Hills and The Village. That would have been Bazz, who was still wearing his brown belly-band when he was found at Kite Park in Nichols Hills by the NH police at about 5 pm.

I’m having no success at all with communicating, but using the pendulum I get that he is still all right physically, but is frightened and does not know the way home. I don’t know whether or not he stayed with Guy: the Siberians have, in the past, tended to ditch Guy and run together, but this time it was only Guy and Keoke, so they may have stayed together. Or it may have been Keoke that was seen at N. Western and Grand Blvd.
From Judi: Keoke is still very much alive and heading the wrong direction-Last night he was heading south and I tried to turn him around but this morning he is still heading south-he is now south of 66 and still running. I am trying desperately to get him to turn around but he is convinced that he is heading home. Please place a light over your house-like a light house-coming form your heart so I can get him to follow it back home.jb

Judi, I’m still confused as to which area Keoke is in. I-44 runs N/S west of May Ave (and west of Nichols Hills) then turns eastward (going N) and makes a series of northward stairstep-like deviations on its way to Tulsa. I’m guessing you’re talking about the part of I-44 that runs N/S. Hwy 66 (old Route 66) is pretty much equivalent to 39th street or 39th Expwy in that part of town. It joins (or maybe crosses) I-44 around Edmond. Is he near the river? Or a creek I might be able to find on a map? Lyda

Lyda, I cannot get him to stay still long enough to get a fix. Near I-44 south of HWY 66. I think I may have finally got him stopped at least-now if I can just get him turned around and not go back over really busy streets. jb

Lyda, I have attached a map of where I have tracked him so far. The past 6 hours he has not left the area furthest south near I-44, but he has not turned back north either-so hopefully now someone will spot him in this area. I have told him to be careful-I know nothing about the area so do not just go up to anyone until I get more information from you. He is a LONG way from home right now. jb

*** At this point I had tracked Keoke way south and had finally convinced him to at least stay put until I could convince him that he was heading the wrong way. The pink circle is where I first found him-see dates. The black line on the map below shows where I tracked Keoke and the black circle was where he stayed put. I told him to watch for Momma’s light and to know that was home. I knew the minute that Lyda put up the heart/light house because Keoke took off like a shot heading north. jb******

The next email from Lyda:
HOORAYYY!!! It worked! Keoke is back home, almost 48 hours after he left. After I got your last post, I went where I (mistakenly) thought you had localized Keoke — actually I was looking on the wrong side of I-44. Very late this afternoon, while I was looking and passing out Flyers, I got a call from one of my previous flyer recipients. Keoke (or a look alike) had been seen on the 16th tee of the country club golf course. So I drove up there, into the maintenance entrance, and started walking the golf course. About the time I got to where he’d been seen, I got a call from the Nichols Hills police — he’d been spotted near Penn and Kingsbury, but couldn’t be caught. So I drove over there, and there he was, trying to cross Penn (a very busy street.) So I hit the hazard lights, blocked traffic, and greeted a hysterically happy Keoke.

Lyda that is fantastic-he was so determined that he was going the correct way that it really took some doing to get him to reverse, but once he did he realized he was heading for home and he was moving at top speed. When I cautioned him about the busy street-he said he would stay away from them whenever he could and apparently that was what he was doing. I had repeatedly requested that he find a safe place and let people see him, but he was determined to get back home on his own. I am just so thrilled that you have him safe and sound-albeit a little stinky. jb

Looking over your map, my bet is that once you got him stopped, and convinced he was headed in the wrong direction, he headed north, clearly at high speed. I think he followed the streams and waterways. Certainly he’d been in very stinky water, and needs a bath badly. He came out at a pond on the golf course, after traveling upstream, and that’s about when I got the first call. I can see streams and waterways on the map, though it’s something of a miracle that he picked the right streams to follow.

I’m so happy to have him home. πŸ˜€ I won’t even mind bathing the stinky mud off (much ) Lyda

Oh that is absolutely wonderful!!! He can flat cover some ground can’t he? What kind of shape are his feet in??? jb

I knew, intellectually, that Siberians cover a hundred miles a day in the Iditarod, and I’ve actually had a ride in a sled pulled by a team of huskies (awesome power) and knew someone who clocked a team of Siberians at about 35 mph over a several-mile sled race, but I never really thought about any of those things as applying to me and my dogs.

Feet are not too bad. Amazingly, not as footsore as the other Siberians who were gone less than a day. Just very, very muddy and stinky. The lack of footsore-ness is another reason I think he was traveling the waterways. Wouldn’t be surprised if they bother him more tomorrow, along with being stiff and sore all over. He’ll have to wake up to evaluate all that; so far he’s been sound asleep since dinner-time. He’s so tired I’m going to just crate him tonight and bathe him tomorrow. I’m thrilled to have him back, but he’s way too stinky to share a bed with

**** If you will scroll back up and look at the map, Keoke was actually moving so fast that he over shot the house. Did not realize these animals could be so stubborn or move that fast. You can see where I have the country club indicated-where he was seen and then a few minutes later he was way up north and only Lyda would just stop in the middle of the intersection in Oklahoma City, block traffic and get her beloved dog-but read on the story is not over yet.The next morning I received the email below. jb*******
Bazz, the escapist Siberian, got out of the fenced back yard this morning. Again. He does this for attention, as nearly as I can figure. I was more than half asleep, and I *took* all 4 dogs out in the back yard, forgetting to leash Bazz. Guy tried to cut him off at the fence, but too late. πŸ™ He headed off uphill (west) but was then seen a couple of times going east, towards the creek. πŸ™

I’ve made a Bazz flyer, called the NH police, and am now going out to look again and post the flyers.

I suspect he’s in the creek bed system, since that’s what he did when he got loose on Halloween.

Lyda is that a creek that runs along beside Northwest Grand Blvd???? That is the area where I am finding him-he feels left out because everyone else got lots of attention when they were lost. Told him you did not need that kind of stress right now-but he swears he knows where he is in relation to home. I did tell him to get his little behind back home immediately. jb

2/21 5:48 p.m. I have thought that Bazz escapes the fenced back yard for attention, but maybe not… It now occurs to me that he may feel called to follow another path. Please ask if he wants to live elsewhere or with someone else? I thought he was happy here, but if not I’ll do whatever I can to help him. It’s neither necessary nor desirable, and it’s very dangerous for him to escape. Lyda

2/21 6:11 p.m. I think he loves it at your house, but he thinks like a puppy or a small child-in other words he seems to have a β€œit’s all about me” syndrome. He swears he will be home before dark-I said we are talking about tonight correct? And he just laughed. Told him to be VERY careful of traffic and to get his little behind home. Does the creek and the golf course run together anywhere? I keep seeing what looks like greens on a golf course. jb

2/21 5:56 p.m. Thanks, Judi πŸ™‚ I checked the creek bed system, which I know he’s traveled in the past, and didn’t see him, but I’ll check again. I followed it all the way to Grand/Western, but didn’t look far *up*stream. It does make me feel better that apparently he does like it at my house, but is, in fact, seeking more attention. What we need is a dog psychiatrist for Bazz, and a human one for me.Lyda

And you might point out to Mr. Bazz that the other dogs didn’t know they were getting lots of attention until they got home. Lyda

2/21 7:30 p.m. Bazz is back, and it’s not quite dark yet. I came back after checking the creek that runs along Grand Blvd. again, and there he was at home. Just then I got a call from Sydney at the NHPD that he’d been seen near 63rd street. Thank goodness, he was already in my car and we went off to retrieve flyers. He seems rather pleased with himself.

That creek doesn’t run by the golf course, but downstream it connects with another creek that does run through the golf course, fed by the water hazard ponds, etc. I’m getting to be knowledgeable about local waterways. :-/

It’s good to have the little creep home again. Lyda

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